Review: Bamboo Toothbrush

Usability: 10/10

Mouth feel: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Overall: Make the switch – you honestly won’t know the difference.

Do you ever go to the dental hygiene section of your local supermarket and just go ‘fuuuck’.

The are so many choices. Are any of them better? I dunno. Should I know? Probably.

I once asked my dentist “why, why are there so many fucking toothbrushes.”

She gave me a gentle smile, probably impressed that I could say all that with the fluoride plate in my mouth. “Just go for the basic one, and in your case the one with the smallest head, you tiny mouthed freak”. (Okay she probably didn’t call me a tiny mouthed freak). The take home from the conversation was to brush regularly and brush well.

So with that in mind that I can grab any toothbrush, I now have a secondary though while looking at toothbrushes.

Toothbrushes. What bastards.

You see, plastic toothbrushes are going to be around forever. Every one of those bright bristly fuckers is going to out live you. That is where the bamboo toothbrush comes in.

These babies are biodegradable, and on most models, the bristles are made from Nylon, which is able to be recycled. Not only are they good for the environment, but they are good for your bank balance, as they will set you back between $4-10 dollars a pop.

I highly recommend giving them a go. Just make sure that you choose one that comes in eco-friendly packaging as well!


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