Autumn weather love.


A burst of happiness fills my body today.

Today it feels like Autumn.

There was beautiful rain on Saturday, the weather is slightly cooler, I have a bowl of soup in the slow cooker (recipe to be posted soon), and Google Play has a selection for “Embracing Autumn”.

The most important part is that I found my perfect shawl. It’s a beautiful dark grey knitted lace rectangle, and the yarn is super soft. This beautiful piece was discovered in an Op-Shop, and for $6.00 it was given a second life.

The shawl, I think, will become the centrepiece to my winter capsule wardrobe.
I have never really jumped on the bandwagon of a capsule wardrobe, but I feel it will make my life easier. Now all I have to do is work out my theme. What theme is your wardrobe or do you not have a theme?

I love a winter theme, something Celtic, sometimes Nordic? I think I will post my inspiration photos up in the next few days.

My goals for this capsule wardrobe are to source as much as I can from Op-shops, ethical clothing lines and to handmake many items.

Have you ever tried your hand at a capsule? What would you do again and do differently about it?


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